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Rhinestoned Spike Studs (Forever XXI)

The other day, I was in Times Square and, of course, I had to pay a visit to the humongous Forever 21. I haven’t bought jewelry since making my Black Grape Earrings, but I came across these and thought they were just fab–maybe because seeing spikes makes me think of my high school, emo/goth days. Nostalgia is always a wonderful feeling, so I had to pick these up.

Industrial is so in right now. I’ve been seeing spikes and studs everywhere from jewelry to clothing to handbags. Forever 21 has really taken advantage of this trend and released a plethora of industrial accessories. Not all spiked jewelry is attractive though, so before you buy the piece you’re eyeing, make sure it doesn’t make you look like Kim from Blair Witch 2.

If you’re interested, you can purchase these earrings HERE.

love, kris